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Staff application temple
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11th Jun 2015

Staff application
Hello, if you wish to apply for a certain rank on this server (moderator/admin) then please fill in the questions bellow and add me as a friend, Then send your filled application to me and i will get back to you. 

Make sure you add me as a friend (Jano) and no one else as i make the descisions of who get's what rank.

The more detailed your answers are, the higher chance you are selected as an admin.


In-game name:





What server you are applying for ?

Are you able to speak/write in english clearly?

How many hours have you played on the server?

Can you follow simple instructions and active when needed?

Any previous moderator/admin experience?

Do you know common GMod commands and admin commands?

Do you know how to warn, kick, or ban players and why you would do it?

Why you should be selected as the role of moderator ?

Some added information about yourself:

(Also if you lie in any of your answers you will not be accepted and will be punished on our server, you must also be above 13 years of age to apply and please don't lie about your age).

Thank you.


Made by Jano

But i copy and paste it here
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20th Sep 2015

It will not let me type into the box. How am i support to answer the questions?


Forum » Appeals » Staff applications
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