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Application For Admin
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14th Jun 2015

Name: Owen

In-game name: [CG] [DN] ShadowFTW

Steam Id: STEAM_0:0:96439432



What server you are applying for ? Murder

Are you able to speak/write in english clearly? Yes 

How many hours have you played on the server? Not Many hours

Can you follow simple instructions and active when needed? Yes i can

Any previous moderator/admin experience? Yes But only on 2 deathrun server i am admin on 1 and trial admin on the other.

Do you know common GMod commands and admin commands? Yes I Know Quite Alot.

Do you know how to warn, kick, or ban players and why you would do it?Yes i do and we do it to keep the server safe from harm and hurtful comments to others.

Why you should be selected as the role of moderator ? Because i am really mature and i can help the server out quite allot.

Some added information about yourself: I am mature, responsible, i can speak proper English and i will be a really good Mod/Admin

(Also if you lie in any of your answers you will not be accepted and will be punished on our server, you must also be above 13 years of age to apply and please don't lie about your age).

Forum » Appeals » Staff applications
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